About Nancy Lankston

Me in My Happy Place

Who am I?  I have been called an empath, tree hugger, witch, shape-shiifter, dreamer, fairy… I’m also a mom, author, wife, change catalyst, friend, daughter, partner and lover of Mama Earth.

I grew up playing in a beautiful forest in the midwest. Today I live near Boulder, Colorado. And I still look for any excuse to hang out with Mother Nature. I have been exploring Nature and the flow of Soul for my entire life.

Bear and Tree at Katmai

A Different Way of Seeing

I am an empathic seer. I was born with the ability to “see” or sense what’s going on beneath the surface of things; I pick up the disturbance in an energy field, the dissonant, twisted and knotted energies that keep a person or a piece of land stuck and unable to flow with natural joy and health.

Today I use my sight to teach people how to connect with and be nourished by the Soul of Nature. I also show them how to listen for the whispers of their own Soul. My ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible reconnect and flow with the Soul of Nature. In 2015 I founded Sacred Earth Institute to further that goal.

Think of me as a trail guide — I am here to lead people back into the Soul of Nature.  I share Nature’s wisdom and magic with anyone who will listen!