Disclosure Statement (Lynetta)

Disclosure Statement

Shamanic Spiritual Practice


Lynetta Carnes


Nature of my Practice: I am a student of shamanic healing and divination. I am not a licensed physician, my services are not medical treatments, nor are shamanic services licensed by the state.

Over thousands of years our ancestors from every continent learned how to use monotonous percussion sound, dance and/or chanting and song to access the Sources of spiritual power and wisdom ordinarily accessible through dreams, myths and near-death experiences. A shaman is a healer trained to contact these sources and bring back healing and answers for the benefit of individuals and community. (Reference: The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner, PhD, www.shamanism.org)

Services provided: As a practitioner of shamanic healing, I may provide you with the following kinds of shamanic-based services: Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Extraction, Power Animal Retrieval, Shamanic Divination, Energy Body Strengthening, Compassionate Depossession, Curse Unraveling and/or Ancestral Healing. Shamanic services may also include intervention with and interpretation of spiritual influences encountered by the client. It may also include, with the express permission of the client, brief, impersonal touching.

In addition to standard healing practices, I also provide tutoring and consultations for other students of shamanism.

Suggested Reading: “Shamanic Healing: We Are Not Alone” an interview with Michael Harner. (http://www.shamanism.org/articles/article01.html) and The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner.

Training and Education:  I am a shamanic practitioner who has studied formally and intensively since 2006.  While I have studied with many teachers, my primary training in spiritual healing was with FSS, Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and included the successful completion of the  Two Week Healing Intensive with Michael Harner and Alicia Gates.

My method of spiritual shamanic healing is complementary to traditional forms of medicine licensed by the state, and not meant as a replacement for receiving professional, licensed medical treatment.  I recommend that you inform your medical doctor and other professional health care providers that you are currently receiving shamanic healing treatment.  If you ever have any concerns about the nature of your treatment, please feel free to discuss them with me.

Terms of service:  A typical appointment is 1- 1.5 hours in length, with the first appointment requiring 1.5 – 2 hours.  While every situation is different, shamanic healing often requires 3-5 sessions for full results.  Appointments must be cancelled 24 hours in advance, or will be billed for 1 hour.  Services are to be paid at the time of service by cash, check or PayPal.

I have read and understand the above disclosure and have discussed the nature of the services to be provided.  I understand that Lynetta Carnes is not a licensed physician and that shamanic healing services are not licensed by the state.   I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain a relationship for myself/my child (under 18 years) with a medical doctor.


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