Are YOU an Empath or HSP*?

I am offering a small-format workshop for empath’s and HSP’s on Oct 18th, from 9-4, in Kalamazoo, MI.  

We will focus on shamanic energy management: learning to distinguish between our own emotions and the emotions of others, learning how to make ourselves socially visible or invisible, learning how our energy centers (chakras) become activated and how to calm them, and how to manage the signaling (especially sexual signaling from the first chakra) that routinely occurs in the social environment.  
This is an intro-level workshop that will introduce concepts and skills-training for managing and conserving your own energy.  Applicants must know how to journey and work with their power animal.  An intro to journeying and power animal retrieval will be available on Oct 4th, please contact me for separate details on that.  
Small format workshops offer an opportunity to receive fast-paced training in a small group of people with similar learning interests.  Total number of attendees is limited to six or eight in order to minimize distraction and maximize personal attention.  We adhere tightly to a material-driven schedule to insure that each participant makes the maximum amount of progress possible.   Cost will be $95.00
If you are interested or know someone who is, could you let me know?  I need to control the number of students so will not be advertising this widely.  Thanks so much!