Healing The Land

Love our Earth, Heal our Earth

Love our Earth, Heal our Earth

Our beautiful Earth is impacted by the pain and trauma of difficult human experiences. Illness, death, war, unemployment, family conflicts, regional famine, divorce… many human events can affect our land. And the land may stay “stuck” in a state of imbalance for years.

Nancy Lankston helps Mama Earth release the pain and restore balance.  This work is actually guided by Mama Earth herself.  Nancy  “listens” to the land the way her Celtic ancestors once did, and receives guidance about the healing that a particular site requires.

Nancy calls this work Elemental Flow™  because she works with the elemental energies of stone, spark, wind and wave. These are the sacred flows that form and re-form planet Earth. Working with these elemental flows, Nancy helps the land and the water to release trauma and restore balance.

If you know of a public site that is in need of love and healing, please Contact Nancy.  She LOVES to work with Mama Earth!

Heal Your Property

Nancy can also rebalance and energetically clear the land where you live.

She will connect to the little bit of Earth you call home, then use healing rituals to clear the energies of pain, conflict and trauma held within your land.  She helps the land to release and rebalance so that the natural energy flows in and around your land can be restored. Buildings and other structures on your property can also be cleared and balanced.

The fee that Nancy charges for “loving up” your land is used to finance her Earth healing trips around the globe. So, you actually help yourself AND our beautiful Earth Mama at the same time!

Contact Nancy to learn more about restoring balance and healing your little bit of Earth.


“There are a thousand ways
to kneel and kiss the earth.”

Celtic Tree of Life