About Lynetta Carnes

I was born a Dreamer. I learned early to separate my rational self from my intuitive, visionary self. I kept my Dreaming self deeply hidden, and struggled to bridge the conflict between the expansive world I experienced to be true, and the more limited world our culture likes to believe is all there is. Eventually I stumbled into shamanism, and a world opened up to me that I could understand, that made sense of all of the hidden bits that I kept locked away. Shamanism offered me the wings that let me explore my gifts. While I’ve studied with many teachers, my primary training has been¬†with Core Shamanism as taught by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS), and Robert Moss’ Active Dreaming.

Teaching people to respect and enjoy their Dreaming selves is my passion. Helping others decode their dreams and explore the infinite realms beyond this beautiful but limited world we live in, is my delight. I also provide shamanic healing and assistance in transitions – transitions both in this life and between this and the next.

Many of those who come to me for assistance are trying to uncover the next chapter of their lives, are struggling with a creative block, or wish to discover the reason they incarnated here on earth. Others are looking for assistance in preparing for their transition into the world beyond this one.

If you are interested in my workshops and would like to be on my mailing list, or if you’d like to work with me individually, I can be contacted here at lynetta@heartofhealing.com